Healthcare Reform Discussion

The US health care system has for many decades provided the highest quality & most available medical care in the world to all who need it whether they access it using a doctor’s appointment, hospital clinic, or emergency room.

In actuality, currently everyone in the US can receive medical care anytime it is needed. The US health care system needs some limited reforms. Specific problems that should be corrected include:

Please post about some points that you agree with.
Insurance Reform:  Insurance should be owned by individuals and not connected to their employers.
Tort Reform — that is, Legal Liability Reform:  Those huge, sometimes frivolous multi-million dollar lawsuits, should be controlled.
Families & Individuals In Poverty:  Government should provide a safety net to ensure that these people can get insurance if they want it.
Other reforms:
The Obamacare law is supposed to include insurance coverage for all citizens. All citizens will be subject to the plan’s Article 1233 which states that a 26-member panel of experts will determine who is eligible and who is not eligible to receive costly medications, transplants, and life-extending procedures including surgeries.

Do you support the Obama administration’s law as enacted?
—  Strongly support these changes
—  Support these changes with other reforms
—  Against Obamacare as it is now enacted because it determines who will receive life-saving medications & procedures, and mandates end-of-life conditions.
—  Identify any other reforms you would like to see materialize.

Do you currently have a health insurance policy?
Yes    or    No    or    My health care insurance is provided by my employer.

Which insurance company do you have? About how long have you had your policy with this provider?

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