Methodology — Tracking Diseases

The purpose of this site is to develop a methodology for collecting information regarding patients’ long-term history. It asks patients, doctors, care-givers, and relatives to consider the patient’s history over time and identify living conditions, foods, and other daily aspects as potential triggers and causative factors in provoking and / or promoting the patient’s disease.
The goals of this data collection is:
—  Identify foods, medications, and lifestyle conditions that have detrimental side effects;
—  Identify common chemicals found in foods and everyday products that increase disease risks;
—  Quantify the meanings of chemicals and lifestyle conditions shown to have a disease relation.

Data collected will be used anonymously to identifying specific factors and forces that could have provoked and promoted diseases. Information will be sorted by various items to identify correlations.

Please be assured that no information you provide will be — or can be — tied to you or anyone else. Geographic location is requested only to help isolate and focus compiled results upon potential local causative factors. For example, if a person people lived near high tension electric power lines for decades and contracted a brain tumor, there may be reason to conclude that high tension electric lines were a causative factor. If other people who lived in the same area also contracted a similar condition, that may solidify some conclusions.

Similarly, if a patient had used a toothpaste or deodorant containing aluminum compounds for several years and now has contracted Alzheimer’s Disease, there may be reason to conclude that aluminum compounds in either toothpaste or deodorant were contributing trigger forces. If several patients used similar products, there may be correlations worth analyzing further.

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