Public-Private Tracking Diseases

Accurate & Complete Record Keeping Can Support Identification Of Specific Factors & Forces That Provoke & Promote Illnesses & Diseases

Evaluating patient history as the triggers & causative factors that they are allows for early identification of diseases.

Asymmetrically Intertwined, Multi-functional Disease Systems Are Impacted By Transient Factors Potentially Promoting Consistent Results

Evaluate the forces and factors that are making us sick: Overly aggressive diagnosing & redetermined diagnosing.

What if some causes of diseases affecting you could be identified and eliminated? You may be able to provide information to aid that goal. The key is identifying and then tracking potential causes.

If factors that provoke diseases can be identified and ameliorated, the incidence of specific diseases might be reduced. If the forces that promote diseases can be identified, the severity of specific diseases might be reduced.

Imagine that the damaging effects of asbestos had been known and understood 80 years ago. How many factory and construction workers could have been spared painful cancer and lung diseases and lived longer, healthy lives?

Imagine that children of decades past had understood potential dangers of smoking. How many children would have never started smoking, how many adults would have quit sooner, and how many people would have been spared cancer and other debilitating lung diseases?

Are there productive relationships between government and medical research?

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